Don't forget to check the Bingo list in your hallways every Tuesday for the updated bingo numbers.  A single bingo gets a $10.00 rent coupon.  Claim your bingo!  The first one to get a coverall bingo gets a $100.00 rent coupon!  Once a coverall has been claimed the bingo games ends.  We will start a new bingo game the following month!












Where was St. Patrick's Day first celebrated in America?

A) Philadelphia

B) Boston

C) Chicago

D) New York City




  Play for your chance to win a $25.00 rent coupon.  Drop your answers off in the office by noon on 


Dogs are to be on a leash AT ALL TIMES when on the property.  Also, please remeber to be curteous and pick up your dogs' waste.  We provide pet waste receptacles and baggies at two locations on property. 

 Please submit your receipes for the newsletter to the office or in the drop box.  We would love to feature your favorite dish! 

 Rent is due on the 1st every month.  Any rent not received by the 4th is subject to a late fee. 

Please be mindful of your neighbors and remember to keep noise to a minimum; i.e. no slamming doors, loud music, vaccuming late at night, and if you're upstairs please remember there is someone below you.  


Thank you to all our residents for making this a fantastic place to live and work!  


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